Why Rubber4U

Best medium available for cost cutting strategy, for promoting your products & services

Rubber4U e-bulletin is regularly published on 1st & 15th of every month with the latest information on rubber and allied industry. The new concept of promoting ones product and service in the current scenario will be fruitful.

Rubber4U is the easiest and fastest medium to reach the prospective customers, where your sales persons is not entertained and that too with the latest information about the industry, is one of the best option currently available in the fast moving world with an intention for cost cutting strategy, which in turn will help in increasing turnover and reduce overheads as far as product promotion is concerned.

Value for your money

When the market slows down, products/brands have to move fasters. Products and services are sold only by creating awareness among the customers. There are various sources for creating awareness and promoting once products and services. It’s up to the advertiser to select one of the options which is available in the market and that too should fit in their budget. Rubber4U is one of the best options available, which will provide lots of advantage / benefits.

  1. Lowest advertisement tariff: Best available tariff for cost cutting strategy, even if compared with monthly tariff of any other magazines. Avail the best discount facility, so don’t miss this opportunity.

  2. Maximum frequency: Rubber4U, an e-Marketing bulletin, which is published twice a month (Fortnightly), giving first hand information and an advantage of creating awareness about your products & service twice in a month.

  3. Additional Service: Rubber4U provide a special service to its advertisers, they can provide the e-mail ID’s of their prospective client / customers whom they want to target, the data will be kept confidential.

  4. Viewership: At lesser cost (even if you compare the tariff with monthly magazines), in a month, twice product awareness is created and also it is also being further circulated by the readers themselves to their known ones.

  5. Target audience: It reaches the concerned persons of the industry only, which includes all the rubber goods manufacturers (AIRIA, IRI, Rubber Board, ACMA, SIAM, ICRTMA members, International companies etc.) and its allied industries.

Past practice is not the solution for future growth. e-Marketing is an alternate solution.

It is a medium which advertisers can ignore at their own risk. E-Marketing is fast becoming the dominant among all media.

One can say e-Marketing has emerged as a platform which is slowly but surely becoming integral to the way brands communicate today. And in the time to come, brands who don’t embrace the online space will be seen as out of date – not part of the real action.

Most brands realise that ignoring this medium is no longer an option, simply because the e-marketing is not just a medium – it’s an alternate reality. Sectors that took to the medium early – automotive, banking, travel are now reaping the benefits of a head start. This is the medium that is most important in cost cutting strategy and reaping maximum benefit out of investment.

When the market slows down, brands have to move fasters. The virtual world isn’t something you have to stop to think about – competition is acting while you are thinking. Brands that are not online are off the market radar.

It’s time to change and promote your products and services according to the latest development and requirements.

Reach for the new concept - Rubber4U, an e-Marketing Bulletin published every fortnightly, with latest information at the earliest time, which you must be receiving regularly in your INBOX or you can also visit www.rubber4u.blogspot.com for regular updates.

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