Right time to plan out the future

The Indian Readership Study is the only regular readership that is carried out in India and like any major media survey; it is basically used to look at the purchase and sale of media space and media time. Essentially, for any medium to grow, it should be something that interest both buyer and seller, and therefore, it should be from a third party that both can rely on.

In India, in general, media is slowly growing. However, when it comes specifically to the print media, there is a long term trend that the younger generation is taking a little less to print as compared to that in the past, possibly because they have so many more other avenues of news and entertainment. Today, there is a lot more demand on the time of people, a lot more mediums are out there competing for people's attention - be it TV, Internet, Radio or even sports, and this has resulted in a little less adoption of the print media, especially by the current generation.

Magazines have seen a slight higher decline among the print media. This is because dailies are a more habit based thing, while magazines are more towards the liking and interest in certain things, plus the information that one sees in the magazines.

Moving away from print, there are also a lot of other medium which is growing at a faster rate.

Today, due to the changing time, needs of the industries are also changing. Everybody wants to expand their business through less investment. In the present world, if your business is not speedy and does not grab the opportunity thrown at you, then in such a situation, you may lag behind in the present days cut throat competition. People have started using internet technology as a medium to promote their business. Telephonic and others means of communication are being used to get in touch with their clients and customers. Internet, especially E-mail marketing has been emerged as the latest finest and economical way of expanding and accelerating the business and it is the medium of direct contact with the concerned person only.

Customer oriented market

You can get customers / dealers / distributors enquiries from all over the country. You can increase your sales in a particular area or all over the country. Your products / services will be popularised all over the country or your area of interest. You can increase your goodwill and strength in the present users market or any other market of your choice. The most economical way to boost your business - sales - publicity within the country and abroad.

(directly or indirectly)
influence 48% of marketing budget of an average size enterprise and are used mainly for promotional and informational purposes

With millions of Indians having access to emails and their number growing rapidly, email marketing is expected to grow at over 100% every year. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to audience. The potential of email marketing is huge as it is one of the most effective marketing vehicles offering great opportunities to business. With email marketing being seen as the fastest medium to create new business and push sales.

Emails, directly or indirectly, influence 48% of marketing budget of an average size enterprise and are used mainly for promotional and informational purposes. Email marketing is a potent tool in the hands of a skilled marketer. It is much more than product and technology. It is actually about building an eco system where marketers identify a class of curious buyers, quality them as prospects, engage with them and make an appropriate pitch to convert them into customers. Around 80-90 million Indian have access to e-mails.

Email marketing is probably one of the effective ways to attract new customers, keep in touch with existing ones and minimise operating costs